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Overview of Milea Trucks by Owen Chaikin

See our very own General Manager, Owen Chaikin, doing his first ever YouTube video! Owen doesn’t think it came out great, but I respectfully disagree. I think he did an excellent job representing Milea Truck. Let me know what you think and reassure Owen that while he may not win a Grammy, he pulled it … Continue reading “Overview of Milea Trucks by Owen Chaikin”

Five Pieces of Trucking Equipment Every Driver Should Have

For companies and private truck owners, truck driving and transport can be a dangerous job. Understanding that drivers have an important job to do means that they have to be prepared. Here’s a look at five tools and equipment that every truck driver should have. 1. Automatic Snow Chains When it comes to truck equipment, … Continue reading “Five Pieces of Trucking Equipment Every Driver Should Have”

Classifying Commercial Vehicles

In order to regulate the safety of vehicles used by private or public organizations, the US Government created a series of classifications dictated by a number of important factors. All vehicles fall under one of three broad categories of light, medium, or heavy duty. Their duty ranking is determined by their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, … Continue reading “Classifying Commercial Vehicles”

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