Never Choose The Wrong Commercial Truck Tires Again

January 08, 2019

Tires are the literal wheelhouse of your fleet. Without the right commercial tires, your equipment can cost your company more money and headache than you ever anticipated. Save yourself the trouble and partner with the experts at Milea Truck. We offer the industry’s top selection of commercial truck tire options. Find out how we can help you when choosing commercial truck tires, whether you need to outfit one truck or a nationwide fleet.

Importance of Truck Tires

As the primary point of contact with every paid mile of freight for your company, tires are a huge deal. A truck tire blowout is terrifying and can lead to a serious truck accident. Making sure you choose the highest quality of truck tires helps reduce overall operational cost.

Along with cutting down on braking time, a good set of truck tires will keep your trucks upright and moving down the road with minimal interference. The best brands of commercial truck tires on the market include Bridgestone and Michelin but are not limited to these manufacturers.

Selecting Tires for Workloads

The best tire for one of your work trucks might not be the right solution for your entire commercial fleet. Tire selection depends on a variety of factors including the typical terrain, weather conditions, cargo capacity and vehicle type.

For example, truck driving teams that frequently pass through wintry northern states with oversized freight will want to look into steer tires. This type of commercial tires provides drivers with extra control in wet and icy conditions.

What to Avoid in Tires

What about buying used truck tires that have been retreaded to get more mileage out of the already worn treads? We have all heard of purchasing retreaded tires for commercial trucks.

However, this is a dangerous practice that can leave the driver with new tread peeling on the highway. Using retreaded tires can lead to issues with your insurance company, as well as lawsuits if your drivers are involved in trucking accidents due to retreaded tires.

Benefits of Truck Tire Maintenance

Instead, go with the highest-quality new commercial truck tires for your fleet. Along with choosing the right tire, you also want to establish a truck maintenance service for your trucks. Truck maintenance covers tire wear and tear, as well as any repairs that are needed during deliveries.

Say your driver is left stranded due to a multi-tire blowout. He or she has your million-dollar cargo delivery sitting and your customers are greatly concerned. Why not provide everyone with peace of mind by choosing a truck tire service provider?

Milea Truck provides full-maintenance leasing for drivers who are part of our customer maintenance program. This includes roadside truck services and tire replacements along with routine tire inspections. Routine tire maintenance also helps to protect against uneven wear and tear and other truck tire issues.

Choosing Commercial Truck Tires in New York City

Milea Truck was founded in 1980 in the New York City metro area. Today, the company has expanded to serve customers in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens boroughs. We are currently expanding our operations to the Westchester County area in New York.

At Milea Truck, we offer parts on demand to our customers. We are also available to assess the best options in truck tires and parts for your truck or fleet. Contact Milea Truck to discover your commercial truck tire options. We will make sure you choose the right truck tires for your business.

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